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Cambridge Alternative Investments is a  private equity portfolio advisor and a Fund of Funds investment manager.

We develop and implement sound investment policies, bring in model driven quantitative approaches to asset allocation, identify potential top-tier managers, deploy fund capital and dynamically control reinvestment risk.

Our expertise lies in managing global alternative investment portfolios for institutional clients, providing advisory services for securitizing hedge fund & private equity assets, quantitative analysis, risk control & portfolio modeling.

Cambridge Alternative Investments is a fresh thinking firm. We add value by bringing in elements of public markets investing discipline to the Alternative Investments space. We have an Active Portfolio Management approach and invest with Active Managers.

We believe that Alternative Investments constitute both a skill class and an asset class. We also believe in the random walk to investment returns. Whilst recognizing comfort in past performance we do not place all our faith in it. Experience, in itself, is not good enough for us. 

We do not drive all the way home by looking at the rear view mirror. Neither, we hope, would you.

We believe that a fact-based approach to investment allocation decisions is missing in the private equity industry. We are the "Rational Alternative".

Our differentiators:

  • Fact based quantitative approach to alternative asset allocation
  • Dynamic risk management
  • Active Portfolio Management
  • Performance based compensation
  • Access to top tier existing and emerging General Partnerships
  • Access to proprietary deals
  • Agnostic to investment stage, style, industry, geography, vintage year
  • Alternative Investment program life cycle support

We work with leading LPs, institutional investors, public and corporate pension plans, foreign & domestic private equity investors as well as university endowments. We have relationships with both emerging GPs as well as established buyout and venture capital firms.

We operate as a global team with a centralized single Investment Committee sharing common processes, consistent methodologies, quantitative tools and investment strategy.

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